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Why I became a Surrogate

After my husband and I decided (and I prayed) that we were going to have one child I never thought I was ever going to be pregnant again. 

The thing was I felt really good when I was pregnant. I never had morning sickness. I got to sleep in my bed for the entire pregnancy. I was able to do yoga my entire pregnancy, and almost did it on the day I gave birth but chose to sleep instead. I overall had a pretty easy and good pregnancy. 

So when I thought my family was going to be a family of 4 instead of 3 I was excited to be pregnant again. However, the pregnancy never happened because we were called to be a family of three. 

So I went through a little bit of disappointment for a few months that I would never be pregnant but I also knew that pregnancy wasn't what I really wanted because it brought another child - which is not what I, or my husband, wanted. 

However, about a two years or so ago God started to put it on my heart that pregnancy may be possible, just in a different way. It started with investigating donating eggs but that just didn't work with my schedule at the time. 

When I started my own business at the beginning of the year and became a stay at home mom it opened up my world to opportunities to be able to donate eggs. However, the surrogacy tab on the website kept calling to me. It felt like I was supposed to be a surrogate.

So I took a leap of faith and put egg donation aside - which was in my brain an easier thing to do and decided to follow God's calling for me. I signed up to become a surrogate in the beginning of February and it has felt so right at every single step! 

Besides God calling me to become a surrogate I had a variety of other reasons why I became a surrogate:

  • I wanted to bless another family with a baby.
  • I enjoyed being pregnant so why not be pregnant for someone else who can't? 
  • My favorite part of my day is when my daughter calls me mommy so being able to give that to another family would be such a blessing - both to me and the family
  • Pregnancy is not always easy. I'm about pushing myself out of my comfort zone - this is just one of the ways I could push myself. 

When I started this journey I didn't realize I would have to go through the things I have (see my Instagram @awonderfulsurrogatelife and I'm sure I will write more blogs on surrogacy so be on the lookout!) but it has been worth it when I see how amazing and grateful the intended parents are!


Surrogacy is an incredible gift a woman who has given birth to a child before can give to another family. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a surrogate click here to set up a meeting with the agency I use and love!


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