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A weekly date night


My husband and I have had a weekly date night for the last 2 years. I would highly recommend it for anyone who has a partner or a spouse and especially for anyone who has kids. 

When my daughter was around two I felt like my husband and I were really going through the motions. We were parenting our child together but it felt like there wasn't much connection besides our parenting time. That's because we didn't have much connection time for just the two of us. 

You see, my husband and I are both home at night. However, my husband is a gamer. He loves to play video games in his office every night. I have learned to love this about him. 

I on the other hand do not like video games. I don't find them enjoyable (unless it's Sims or Rollercoaster Tycoon but those are not what he plays). I would prefer to spend my nights reading a book, doing a puzzle or painting, or watching TV. 

We both relax differently and I don't think there is anything wrong with this but I wanted to create a time once a week where we could connect on a marriage level. 

So we started doing a weekly date night. Most weeks we do this in our home but sometimes we switch it up and take a weekend trip or a night out. 

Here's how it works: My husband and I switch off what we are going to do and the day each week. We each get one veto a month. When date night comes we put our daughter to bed, tell her that we are going to be doing date night so she is on her own for the night. It doesn't always work but we try. Also she is almost 5 so she can pretty much handle herself (she made herself french toast sticks in the microwave the other day). Then we do whatever we picked for date night and spend quality time with each other - normally for around an hour. 

I believe this has helped us to keep our marriage strong. We have been married for 8 years and are still going strong. 

Here are some great date night ideas you can do in your house:

  • Play a Board Game
  • Bake something new (we once did lava cakes)
  • Exercise together
  • Do a couples dance on Youtube
  • Build a fort 
  • Cook a meal together and have a movie night
  • Watch a TV show together
  • Puzzle together (3D or regular)
  • Do a paint by numbers
  • Read to each other (hopefully without falling asleep like I have!)
  • Have a wine and cheese night with music
  • Build an igloo, play in the rain, sit by the bonfire
  • Do a craft 
  • Ask each other questions (lots of apps with questions)
  • Nature walk/hike
  • Watch the sunset
  • Switch it up and do a morning date - eat breakfast together

These are just a few ideas from things my husband and I have done to allow for a deeper connection and to learn more about each other. We are not a perfect couple by any means but I believe if we aren't growing together then we are growing apart. Hence, the weekly date night. 

Do you have a weekly date night? If yes, what do you do? If not, how could you incorporate it into your schedule?

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