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Going the Speed Limit

Have you ever tried going the speed limit? I have and it is incredibly uncomfortable. There are people who are riding your bumper because they want you to go faster ( 7 miles over the speed limit is the unsaid rule where I live.) and this makes me want to people please and go faster. 

However, this doesn't serve the end purpose of my goal in life right now to slow down and actually enjoy the life I'm living instead of rushing around from one goal to the next never feeling fulfilled or happy with life. 

I have noticed since I have started going the speed limit it has allowed me look around me. It has made me leave a little earlier so I'm not trying to rush everywhere - I cannot tell you how good this feels to not always feel like I am behind. 

Also I can say I am much better at being uncomfortable. This is one skill I feel like everyone needs because when we learn how to be uncomfortable we are able to take risks that will make our lives better, have better relationships because we can have hard and deep conversations, and it allows us to overall show up for our lives even during the hard and uncomfortable. 

And my ability to say no to people has increased. I no longer try to people please at the detriment to my own sanity or my own self care. I instead do the things that I want to do (and sometimes the things that I don't want to like, take out the garbage because I don't want an overflowing garbage that stinks.) I have learned that sometimes people need to be told because I love them. For example my daughter needs to be told no so she can learn she is not the center of the world. 

Driving the speed limit had also allowed me to lean into God, knowing that His timing is best. If I'm supposed to be late then I will be late. If I'm supposed to be stuck at a stoplight that doesn't seem to be working right God has me there for a reason. It may be because he is protecting me from an accident or something else but I believe everything happens for a reason. 

Sometimes it takes one area in our lives to incite change and mine tends to be with driving. A year ago I wanted to become a more patient driver that rarely judged people and allowed things to be as they were. I feel like I have been successful at this because I rarely yell and I try really really hard not to judge (I'm not always successful but I have noticed I've been less judgy and more loving.) 

The thing is when we start a change in one area of our life we can see the overflow into other areas of our life. I have noticed that I am more patient in general, I am less judgemental and I love people more. 

Sometimes change just starts with the tiniest step. Essentially this is like a ship that turned the wheel just a notch. Instead of ending up in Canada they end up in the Caribbean. Just that tiny change can create an all new course and an all new life. 

This is incredible to think about. One thing you do today might make all the difference in the future. 

What change do you want to make today that will benefit your future self?

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