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Patience (I don't always have much of it)

The other day I was waiting for multiple packages to arrive so that way we could leave town and go on a family vacation. 

First I had to wait for USPS to show up. My daughter kept asking me when they were going to show up. I would say I don't know. She would ask me again except in a slightly different way like "When can we leave?" Once again I would say "I don't know." Then I would walk to the window for 20th time to check if the mail truck was coming down the road. 

Finally, about an hour later than they normally showed up the USPS delivery driver showed up. My daughter and I ran right up to the mailbox and low and behold our packages (minus one that the delivery driver returned to deliver a little while later.) 

I was elated that they finally showed up. However, we had to wait for UPS to deliver a package now. It was the same process as before with my daughter. She would ask a question, I would say I don't know, and then go to the window to look and see if the Brown Truck with the UPS logo was coming down our street. 

I tried to distract myself by looking at my phone to make sure the package was still being delivered, watching TV, and playing with my daughter. 

The thing is I don't have much patience and I wanted to leave. Even when waiting for people to bring groceries out to my car I look every few seconds to see if the person is coming. 

Let me say it again. I am not a patient person. I like things to happen on my time and no matter how many times I told myself, "It's happening on God's time" or "God is causing this delay for a reason" I still felt the need to leave. 

I have attempted to work on my patience over the years but it has not been an easy road. I can say I have become more patient in some areas (motherhood and driving) but in other areas, like leaving for vacation, I still have to continuously work on creating patience in my life.

Sometimes I don't always have much patience but I think that's okay. I am a human being experiencing impatience because my package isn't at my home when I think it should be. Sometimes just allowing the impatience is what allows it to go away. 

It allows me to accept that God is working all things for my good. 

And the thing is everything turned out okay with the package being delivered later. We didn't hit any deer on our drive, we saw a beautiful moon, and we made it to our destination safely.