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An Easy Life

I have learned in my 29 and a half years of life on this planet that an easy life is a life that is okay. It is a life where feeling unfulfilled happens quite often. It is a life that is full of what ifs. It is a life full of a lot of feeling the emotion content. Easy is okay. 

But I don't think life was meant to be easy. Who came up with that thought anyways? Life was never meant to be easy. It was meant to have challenges and hard times.

It was meant to have broken hearts. It was meant to have risks that don't pay off. It was meant to have children that push all your buttons. It was meant to have times of challenge. 

Because you know what? When you go through all of these things you grow as a person. You grow more into the person you were meant to be. 

The easy doesn't make people stronger. This is why there is a saying about how every third generation has it easy so they get complacent and destroy all the hard work their family did. I think it goes something like this: The first generation had to work hard to get what they have. The second generation saw the hard work so they respected it and kept the hard work going. However, the third generation never saw the hard work of the first generation so they don't work hard and take it easy. Whether or not this is actually true or if it is just a saying I'm not sure but writing about this made me think of it. 

In anything we do we need a challenge to grow. I know for me a 2,000 piece puzzle makes me work a lot harder and teaches me to keep coming back to the challenge over and over again alot more than a 100 piece puzzle. I also know that if I lifted 5 pound weights doing the same exercises for the rest of my life I would never gain muscle past the initial gain. Even my physical body needs the challenge to grow. 

Growth happens when we go through hard times. This may be hard that we choose (like the puzzle and exercise examples I talked about above) or it may be ones that we don't choose (health diagnosis, betrayal by someone in a close relationship, financial issues, etc.)

In fact I think when life is going too easy God, the universe or whatever you believe in will throw us challenges.  Or I know people that don't like the feeling of being comfortable so they will give themselves a challenge so they can feel uncomfortable. I used to think they were crazy but now I think they were onto something. 

I believe that growth is the point of why we are on this planet. We are supposed to grow into the biggest best version of ourselves before we leave this planet to go to heaven. And we are never done growing. There is an immense amount of growth that could happen in our lives to become what I believe is like Christ. Maybe for you it's the best version of you. And we will probably never hit the ceiling of growth and that's okay. 

For me I could've lived an easy life. I could've lived my easy comfortable life as an accountant living a rinse and repeat life. From doing the same thing at work every week to having the same type of meal every Wednesday I was alive but I wasn't really living my life. And is that really what our purpose is on this planet?

If you answered yes reread the first portion again. The answer is NO! Our purpose on this planet is to live our life to the fullest so we can grow into our brightest selves. And your brightest self will be different from your neighbor or best friend so stay in your lane and live your life with an abundance of challenges. It breaks my heart when I hear people saying they are just waiting for the years to go by so they can retire. 

Firstly, not everyone makes it to retirement. Second, Life doesn't start at retirement. It started the day you were born. I assume if you are reading this you are still living which means you can choose to live life now. Not an easy life that is rinse and repeat but a hard life that is full and abundant. 

So what will it be? An easy life filled with meh's and everyone complaining around the water cooler or a life filled with challenges that will leave you feeling accomplished and like a different person year over year. 

Ps. I don't think there is anything wrong with an easy life as long as people are choosing it intentionally. I decided that wasn't the route for me but that doesn't mean we don't need people who are accountants. My point here is sometimes we get so trapped in our lives by thinking it has to be easy when actually life should be full of twists and turns. 

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