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Cardio, Green Smoothies & Orgasms

What do cardio, green smoothies and Orgasms have anything to do with each other? No its not some kinky sex nor am I involved in a cult. Instead I am in the process of IVF for surrogacy and all these things were supposed to help increase my uterine lining. 

However, they didn't help because my lining did not increase. I think part of the reason (besides my body not responding to the drugs very well) why it didn't work was because I was trying to force it because I want the baby so bad for my intended parents. Most of the time though force in these situations make the situation worse.

I always say this is why people succeed when they just let their business just flow instead of forcing it. This is why I think so many people have infertility problems because they want the baby so much and force and the body do not cooperate. I think this is why good things come when we least expect it because we aren't forcing anything. 

Saying this though I found myself trying to force the timing of this surrogacy. Clearly though the original timing did not line up with God's timing though because he didn't make it happen. 

I also find myself trying to force other things like how well my daughter does with her school work by directing her (which she doesn't like and she doesn't really learn), how I want things done around the house so I will do them even though I need the help of my husband (yes, normally it ends with him having to reverse what I did and then do it himself), and in my business where I want a certain result so I force it but no one comes or the thing ends up being a total flop. 

Forcing things, I have learned, will very rarely get me what I want. Most of the time it will just cause so much heartache because I put a lot of energy trying to get whatever it is I'm forcing to happen happen. However it doesn't end up working out in the end anyways. 

Instead if I had just allowed things to happen and accepted the reality that was around me then I would put my energy into something else like my family, my business, prayer and going deeper in my faith. 

You might be saying but Amanda "I need to force things in order to make them happen." I would say to you, "Do you?"

What if instead we leaned on the big God that is helping us through our life. Sometimes I think we forget that he is standing right next to us pushing the rock of life up the hill. We say to him, "No I can do it alone" when we try to force things. I imagine it as a 4 year old child telling a very muscular adult no I can push this rock by myself. 

I believe that God can move mountains so the rock we are trying to push up is nothing to Him. 

Also this opens up our world to the bigger things that God has planned for us. I have no idea what is coming from this surrogacy but I believe it is far bigger and better than anything I could possibly imagine. 

What are you forcing in your life that you can let God help you with?

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