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Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing seems wrong with my life but I feel this calling for more. Would coaching help me?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Coaching will help you either answer this calling for more or accept the life you have right now. 

How will coaching help my motherhood?

Coaching will help in all areas of your life but especially your motherhood. You might find yourself yelling less. You might find yourself showing up as what feels like a better mama. You will also show your children what it is like to be an empowered mom - a mom that lives her best life and by her own standards. 

I have tried therapy. How is coaching different?

Coaching focuses on the present and the future instead of therapy that focuses on the past. The coaching done at Amanda Burrows Coaching is causal coaching - meaning we look at the thoughts that are causing you to have a certain feeling, action or result. We focus on the thoughts we are having in the present to change the future.