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Who is amanda burrows?

About Me

Hi there Mama! 
I am also a mom to a 4 and half year old girl. Being a mom is one of my favorite things. Whenever she giggles or laughs she reminds me why I wanted to become a mom. That's not to say there aren't times I am pulling my hair out but overall I am so grateful to be called mom. 
It has taken me a lot of personal work to get to this place of gratitude. Two years ago I was just going through the motions, trying to just get through the day. But I always felt like there was more out there for me. 
So I started searching for something to help me feel better. First I found self improvement work and then about a year later I found life coaching and I can honestly say I am a changed person because of these two things. I am a product of the coaching I sell.
Everyday I put in the work to have more fun, become more joyful, empower myself to show up as the best mom and person I can be, and to have gratitude for every single moment I get on this planet.
It is not always easy because I am human with a human brain but I want to tell you it is possible to be joyful, empowered, and grateful for your motherhood and life!


My mission

To empower mamas to become empowered in their motherhood. Instead of suffering we want mamas to enjoy their motherhood and life - through the power of joy, gratitude, and fun.

We believe when mamas love their life they make the world so much better. They show up for their kids differently, they show up for their community differently and most of all they show up for themselves differently.

Core values

Empower: Help moms to take back control of their lives. 

Fun: Life is too short to not have fun! Get rid of the rules and have more fun!

Gratitude: There is so much to be grateful for on this beautiful earth. 

Joy: Joy feels so good so why not feel it 100% of the day.

Unapologetic: Help moms to show up as themselves fully!